• License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

AllShare is an application that is designed to provide support when it comes to working with multiple storage devices that contain media files. These devices can be connected together and have their contents streamed on a computer without requiring local storage access. The application can also work with local files in order for users to organize media files by type or create various folders which can represent events or something else. The tool has a simple installation process and users can simply navigate through the app's interface.

With the aid of AllShare, users can easily share files to multiple devices at once. Having a USB flash drive and even a TV connected to the computer will allow the user to send files to both machines at the same time. There are multiple options that can be used when sharing media and one of them allows users to share only certain types of files, such as images or videos.

Besides all of these, AllShare is also a media player that can work with multiple file formats. Images can be viewed and scrolled through, while songs and videos can be played with ease. This way, the user has access to various buttons that control the song, the playlist or the volume. This player also scans for connected devices and users can import the media list and have the files played locally.

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