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American McGee’s Alice

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  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

American McGee's Alice is a psychological horror video game with a third person perspective,  there’s a direct sequel of this game in the market under the name of ‘’Alice: Madness Returns’’.   It was developed by a North American video game development studio based in Texas known as ‘’Rogue Entertainment’’, the design work was done by the North American video game designer ‘’American McGee’’ (hence the name).   This game can be considered an unofficial sequel to the literary works of the British writer ‘’Lewis Carroll’’, but presents a very dark, realistic, crude & twisted version of Alice and wonderland itself.

The story of this game takes place some years after the initial trip of Alice to Wonderland, the main character in this game is Alice, but the Alice in this game is all grown up and his deeply traumatized after having seen her parents die in a fire.  The worst part is that Alice blames herself for that, she is trapped in some kind of catatonic state and is now one of the many patients in a mental hospital named ‘’ Rutledge Asylum’’.  This version of Alice is nothing like the Alice portrayed by Disney, this one looks paler and is a brunette girl who is deeply traumatized and has attempted suicide on several occasions.  This video game might not be suitable for small children, it contains some violence and gore, but it’s very mild (some blood can be seen).  All the locations mentioned in the Alice novels are portrayed in this game, but with a very dark and gothic atmosphere.

Alice seems to be trapped in the same routine, until one day she is visited by the white rabbit and he takes her back to this twisted and dark version of wonderland, all this with the hope Alice will be able to get wonderland back to the way it was before.


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