Beach Buggy Racing for Windows

Beach Buggy Racing for Windows

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  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

Beach Buggy Racing for Windows is an innovative game in which you have the chance to beat your friends without any effort; you just have to know the secrets of the game to increase your performance. Jump into an off road car and drive on the craziest roads in the world without having any restrictions. The graphics are amazing, as it has 3D images and animations, original sound effects and the latest features ready to surprise you. You will find many obstacles, traps and dangers on the road, so keep your eyes wide open and look for them.

The game is constantly updating, so the number of levels is increasing. There is a wide variety of cars, including any type you can imagine; you can drive over your opponents with a monster truck or follow the camels with a dune buggy. Improve your driving skills by testing their limits and learn new tips and tricks as you interact with different quests. Collect power-ups to boost your score and improve your performance, explore volcanoes, jungles and swaps to get the full experience. The interface is simple as you need just a few clicks to drive. Customize the appearance of your car and upgrade it to become unbreakable. There are many ways to trick your friends, you just need to have patience to gain experience. Add Xpadian on your computer if you want to run this game without any issues at all.

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