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Desktop Author

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  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

Desktop Author is a software which helps the users to create and publish electronic creations online. Though it’s not the best software in its category but it provides easy to use options for publishing and other eBook related options. The software has some unique features which are discussed below.

The software has the option to make electronic publications like e-Brochures, e-Books, e-Catalogs, eBooks containing multimedia objects, digital diaries, e-Cards and many other electronic creations. The software also supports multi page as well as multi text flow with multimedia support which includes flash, QuickTime etc. The software also includes smart search, calculator, and index creator and eBook security options also. It is also easy to add content to the creation by facing minimum difficulty. Authors or users can also add static texts, beautiful pictures as well as interactive forms to the creation. One unique feature about the program is the right management feature so that the authors can make the buyers of an eBook display a part of the content before buying. The software also has an inbuilt help file which provides enough information so that the author or user can get the full potential of the software and use them with full efficiency.

The software is easy to use with almost all features required to publish electronic creations online. The software has a nice interface which can be customizable with a toolbar that consist of a number of useful options which can also be edited. The software is supported on all the versions of Windows and thus it’s a must to upload the creations online.

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