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  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

High Dynamic Range Photography requires special tools for flawless rendering and professional finishing. It is a specialized form of photography where multiple shots of different contrast levels are merged into one creating a high contrast image. HDR photos have multiple aperture length. This is the reason you find such illusive details in it. Fhotoroom HDR gives you the essential and advanced aid to create magnificent HDR photos quickly and efficiently. This software carefully analyzes every frame and all its properties and uses highly sophisticated photo merging technology.

Fhotoroom HDR has various functions and tools needed to produce high quality HDR photos. It has RAW image import function. You do not need to convert your RAW camera images first to create HDR. This software does this automatically. It supports multiple image formats for smooth operation and maximum compatibility with most of the digital cameras. Other advanced features such as noise removal, ghost removal are something that you must require for this kind of image reproducing tasks.

This software is also capable of producing high quality HDR from a single shot. The application efficiently create multiple frames of different contrast levels from a single shot, then merge them into one for that authentic HDR photos. You even do not need a camera that supports HDR shots. Fhotoroom HDR gives you this feature and you can also produce professional quality HDR without any expensive camera and lens. You can use it as an extension to your digital camera in order to produce flawless HDR photos effectively and quickly.

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