Forge of Empires for Windows

Forge of Empires for Windows

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  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

Build your own empire with Forge of Empires for Windows and evolve it as the time passes by. Start from the Stone Age and finish in the Modern times with a brand new place. There will be a lot of difficulties concerning the materials, the people, the force, the enemies and many other that will slow you down. Show you’ve got a lot of patience, wisdom and knowledge to face the dangers and to raise the most beautiful castles, villages and houses. It is not an easy task but you’ll be glad to see your name on the leaderboards if you do the right things.

The game has three difficulty levels that increase as more years pass. As the times change new materials, new designs and features appear that will help you update your empire and bring it in present times. Unlock all the achievements to get the full experience; boost your score with power-ups and find the hidden objects that you can use in your constructions. The graphics are great, with 3D visuals and amazing sounds. New buildings, trees and necessities constantly appear so there are many ways to make the empire better. The game will keep you motivated to finish it as there are many surprises until the end. Xpadian is needed on your computer in order to run the game.

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