Fotonica for Windows

Fotonica for Windows

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  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

Fotonica for Windows is a game that you don’t always have the chance to experience because there are not as many as you think of this type. It is all about walking, running and avoiding obstacles on a psychedelic background. The graphics are insane as the image keeps moving and misleading you. If you think you discovered the right track you might be wrong; after the next step you can see another way out and so on. It is funny to try and find an escape because dangers are at any step and try to slow you down.

There are 7 levels that need to be finished in time; the geometrical background offers you vague information about the area you are in and about what will happen next. To improve your score try one of the 3 endless levels that were designed with this purpose. Unlock all achievements to beat your friends and to get on top of the leaderboards. You have two possibilities of playing: fast and very fast; choose the one that suits you the most depending on your skills. Replay a level how many times you need to get a better score or to pass it. The game is unique due to its graphics and features and keeps you busy for a long time. However, you will need to install Xpadian on your computer in order to make the game work.

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