Free Keylogger 2014

Free Keylogger 2014

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  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

If you are a worried parent or a conscious employer you must be eager to watch out for your kids or employees activity in the computer. You can do this with Free Keylogger 2014. The program works as a monitor in any windows PC. It is hidden in the background, and from the eyes of the user. Only the administrator can access the program and view reports about keystrokes, clipboard use, text copied and websites visited by the user.

To make the program even more inaccessible to the eyes of the user it is better to install it in a obscure location in your computer. Neither the user can see any window for the program nor can he see the program itself in the process tab of Task Manager. There is a hotkey combination that makes the program show up, and that should be known to the administrator only.

The interface of Free keylogger 2014 is simple enough. There is only one window, and you do not have to navigate trough a maze of control tabs. There is a sidebar with a calendar where you can select particular dates to see reports about all the desired activities in that computer on that date. It starts automatically, but covertly with windows if you configure it to hide in the start menu. You can also configure it to hide it in the list of install/uninstall programs. This will prevent the user from uninstalling it.

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