Gangstar Rio City of Saints for Windows

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints for Windows

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  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

Join a gang and follow them through their adventures in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints for Windows. Discover Rio de Janeiro with all its beautiful landscapes, districts, beaches and jungles in a unique experience. The game graphics are amazing, with 3D visuals and original sound effects. Take your time to read the information at the beginning to find what the game is about, controls and other explanations. You have to be patient to attack in the right moment and wary of the dangers that await you in the shadows. The game will keep you entertained with its interesting quests and with the latest features. It is also constantly updating so you won’t get bored very soon.

You have over 60 missions to accomplish and 5 different neighborhoods to choose from; each one has different environments, conditions and dangers. Bonus missions occur as you unlock achievements; they boost your score and increase your position on the leaderboards. You have to kill politicians, witnesses, deliver mysterious packages and find dangerous people. You have a wide range of weapons such as handguns, grenades, rifles and many other that unlock as you evolve. You can drive all kind of vehicles, rob cars and attack people to accomplish your goals. See if Xpadian is installed on your computer as you will need it in order to run this game.


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