Kings of the Realm for Windows

Kings of the Realm for Windows

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  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

Join millions of players in this amazing MMO game and build your own empire with Kings of the Realm for Windows. It is your chance to develop your dreamed empire in this imaginary world full of amazing creatures, knights and scary adventures. Fight with the best players to take advantage and succeed in your missions to take over the leaderboards. There are no simple missions so be prepared with wisdom, patience and knowledge to accomplish the quests. Make alliances, recruit people, form, organize, train and develop troops to destroy the enemies and become the best team in the game. Invite your friend to play with you and unlock achievements together.

Start by choosing the best people that you think are made to be part of your team. Do not trust anyone because all the other players want to make alliances with you to get to the top easier. Train them and customize their armors and weapons by buying updates with imaginary coins. Build the most powerful fortress in the game and keep it safe with the most experienced guards. Take your time to read the tips and tricks at the beginning of the game to get familiarized with it and to know what to do. The interface is simple, as you won’t need many controls to action; a few clicks are enough to defeat an army and to change your location. The graphics are amazing and have high definition images and animations; the fighting sounds motivate you to continue and the latest features offer you the best conditions to do it. Just install Xpadian on your PC and you will be ready to run this game.

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