• License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

Lucius is a single player video game that belongs to the ‘’psychological horror’’ video game genre and it was created by a video game development studio known as ‘’Shiver Games’’.  It was released for the PC only back in October 2012.  The concept of this game is not very original, but the way it was executed is what makes this game a really original one.  The main character and antagonist in this game is the same person: a 6 year old boy named ‘’Lucius’’.

Lucius would at first look like a normal boy, ignoring the fact he was born in a really rich and powerful family and has spent all his life living in a very luxurious manor, because his father is a US senator.  The fact is Lucius is a boy who has been gifted with several supernatural powers; he was born on the date of June 6th, 1966.  The night before Lucius number 6 birthday he is visited by Satan himself in his dreams, he then lets him know that he is his real father and he is the antichrist himself.  He then goes on explaining him the origin of his supernatural powers and asks him to aid him to take over the world.

Lucius’s first step is to start murdering everyone in his household, specially his parents so they don’t represent any kind of obstacle for his mission to take over the world.  Lucius also plans to make use of his father’s political power because he is a US senator and once he is dead he can do all this.  Before starting to play this game the user must have in mind that the murders must be done very carefully and must avoid leaving behind any kind of evidence, it’s preferred the murders look like tragic accidents so you don’t attract the attention from the police.

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