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Luxand Blink

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  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

Luxand Blink is an application that lets the user to log in to the system user account easily just looking into the webcam. There is simply no need for typing passwords or scanning fingers. The innovative face recognition technology developed, identifies users' faces rapidly and reliably, and is adept to agree the user with an associated account even with distinct mustaches or beards developed or shaved off while absolutely eliminating untrue positives.

The genuine innovation applied in the technology is the proficiency to identify listed users; no matter what happens. Distinct lighting situation specs or without specs, beards grown and shaved off, any of these cannot confuse this application. Luxand Blink helps the user to improve the security of the computer at dwelling and in the office as well.

This application log, can photograph and give time stamp each user, who logs into a PC with their face identified or otherwise, double-checking that no password has leaked to unauthorized persons. And if it has, the user will get to know precisely, which password is compromised and who took the benefit of it. Face-based biometric identification is the smallest obtrusive, the fastest and simplest to use. It assists secure workstations in the agency, too. Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8; any of these operating systems mentioned here does support this application.

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