Microsoft Family Security

Microsoft Family Security

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  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

Microsoft Family Security was specially designed by Microsoft. This is content control software and has free parental monitoring. This application could be downloaded through Windows Essential. It was RTM present on Windows 8. It has some of the interesting features which helps in filtering different sites and has eighteen different languages. Allow list only is a major feature which has been added to the already allowed list present. Another feature is the child friendly sites and allows a list of different sites specially designed for children. The user could search the entire list for kid’s sites.

It also block social networking, web chat, web mail and other adult sites in general interest. Online communication such as Adult Swim, Facebook and could also be blocked. It also provides statutory warning before opening a site and makes sure that the site does not contain any adult material in it. This particular setting was specially designed for older children to take appropriate decision whether or not to open the site.

Activity reporting is also an important feature. The parents could see the list of websites visited by the child. With addition to this they could also view the computer usage time, files downloaded, programs run and other applications activated through Windows parental Control. All safe searches could be locked on Bing, Google and Yahoo. All family safety settings could also be controlled. Private Browsing in Internet Explorer could also be blocked. Image filtering could also be activated which would further look in the images for adult contents. Overall it is great software with easy system requirements.

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