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  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

Mozilla Firefox is a popular browser application that has a lot of fans in the Internet world. Although the tool did not get much appreciation soon after its introduction; overtime it has slowly gained appreciation among online users for its competitive loading speeds, support for Flash based online objects, and a lot of original and innovative code, which has made this browser application a noted tool among standard browser applications. This is a free to use, free to download tool that takes a slightly longer to install compared to conventional browser tools.

All the same, the tool is integrated with several efficient features including a user-friendly and clean interface that makes using the tool simple and easy. This browser app offers support for multiple tabs; thumbnail preview of opened web pages; easy access options for popular websites, history details, and bookmarks; a two-in-one location bar that also doubles as the search bar; thumbnail previews of frequently accessed web pages; etc. In terms of security, this application scores above most commonly used browsers. The tool is integrated with an encryption feature that ensures that your data is secured before transmission over the internet; moreover, it remains encrypted even in the server. This means, even the publishers will not be able to access your data from the server; ensuring complete and absolute privacy of your data.

Advanced support for Flash means, you can configure the tool to display Flash objects based on your requirements and specifications. This helps you determine which Flash objects you want loaded and avoid others, reducing your internet time and avoiding unnecessary delays while loading web pages. The tool also offers several add-ons that can make several features more accessible. This browser is built on JagerMonkey JavaScript engine, which contributes to its high web loading speeds. Blocking of pop-ups, enhanced privacy controls, and streamlined browsing options are some promises offered by this tool.

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