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  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

Process Guard is an advanced and unique utility provider application. It helps to secure the computers from suspicious attacks and ensures complete protection. Indeed it does its job pretty well in a distinguished way than normal other antivirus and security applications. It blocks all the malwares and adware, spyware and Trojans, and runs a deep level scan to detect harmful threats and shield the system. The latest version stops unauthorized logging and deletes immediately if finds anything untoward. It is indeed a strong and powerful security tool with its advanced features and clean simple clear interface.

Process Guard performs really well with Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating systems. Apart from preventing all suspicious attacks of Internet criminals and blocks tracking cookies, this security system provides additional protection as it asks and alerts the user every time when a new file or a new application is about to be installed. It is a handy advanced tool giving complete, ultimate real time protection to the system.

Process Guard advanced scanner detects malicious threats very fast and removes the infected files as early as possible. It defends the computer and saves the system from sustaining any negative impacts. Process Guard is a user friendly simple and easy application; it is indeed easy to install, easy to access. Moreover it is a free software so users who are interested and keen to install something more to their computers than mere antivirus and firewall, must go for Process Guard. They indeed can guard their process with a very easy accessible application, and of course, free of cost!

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