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  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

Shortcut Antivirus protects your PC against Microsoft LNK and PIF vulnerability that notifies users about various found threats and offers the option to remove any kind of threats. It also includes Stuxnet/Tmphider root kit removal utility. The freeware is compatible to run on various Windows OS including XP, 2003, Vista and 7. There are more than 7000 downloads available for this software alone. The Shortcut Antivirus is known to be ranked pretty well among other antivirus software. The publisher of this software is Greatis Software. There are more than 15,000 downloads available for this software through the internet. The software is a freeware.

The shortcut antivirus is a tool that protects your PC against all vulnerabilities in the Windows Shell that incorrectly parses LNK files. Shortcut antivirus tools combine protection along with removal tools. The Shortcut Antivirus tool does not have any kind of spyware, adware or spyware modules. The Shortcut Antivirus software tool is also compatible to run with any other antivirus software if you already have antivirus software installed within your PC. The Shortcut Antivirus tool sets up its own Icon Handler shell DLL and checks all the displayed shortcuts PIF or the LNK extensions.

If the antivirus software detects any kind of shell vulnerability usage then the shortcut antivirus displays blocked icon and previous infection. Users must take into account that the Shortcut Antivirus might cause false positive alerts on the panel shortcuts. Although it is not a bug, it is a behavior by design. The Shortcut Antivirus tool is simple and free non-commercial usage software. The Shortcut Antivirus is available for a free download through the publisher website. Users don’t have to pay in order to use this software. The Shortcut Antivirus can be installed from other websites on the web. Check for regular updates for this software in the future.

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