The Sims Free Play for Windows

The Sims Free Play for Windows

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  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

The Sims Free Play for Windows is the famous life simulator that allows you to change and decide your character’s life. You can put them in different situations that can happen in reality and see how they react, dress them, feed them and build them a beautiful house. The graphics are excellent and you can set them on low, medium or high depending on your computer performance and come along with funny sounds, an interesting and original language and beautiful and fluent animations. You will be captivated when you will discover the multitude of options available in the game and won’t stop playing for a long time.

Start by creating your family and choose their skills, clothes and appearance. Build a dream house, move them there and start evolving. Find a job to afford buying different objects and food; you can do this by searching on the internet, on the mobile phone or in the newspaper that is delivered to you every morning. Choose the best furniture to make them happy and try to teach them how to cook, repair, sing, paint or other activities. There are too many things that can be done so you cannot get bored; the game finishes when you decide to. do it The next time you open it, you can play from where you saved and continue their lives. It is suitable for all ages as you can do exactly the same things you would do in the real world and you can also learn some tips and tricks. Xpadian is needed on the computer in order to make this game run without issues.

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