• License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

Skype is one of the most popular peer to peer communication systems available worldwide. This VoIP software claims to offer you the ability to communicate with your family, friends, and colleagues by making free calls, irrespective of their location. All that users need is a Skype account. The tool also offers the ability to make calls from a computer to a mobile or landline. These services come at a minimal cost. Some of the other functionalities offered by this utility are the ability to implement conference calls over the internet and a secure mechanism for transferring files.

This application focuses on offering one of the best audio and video qualities, and probably this is one of the major contributors towards its success. Another important feature that makes this an appealing tool is its secure communication channel. All data is encrypted to ensure maximum security and privacy through its end to end encryption system. The tool, in itself, is quite simple to download and install. Its configuration and registration process is also quite simple. One of the latest features that make this process even more simple and easy to implement is its integration with other tools like Facebook and Microsoft accounts. Such an integration mechanism also allows you to automatically import your contacts in these accounts and connect with them using this tool.

Although the connection quality is often affected by your actual internet speed and quality; overall, this communication tool promises to give you the best results with a moderate-speed net connection. This tool can be freely downloaded from the internet and claims to be an ideal tool for implementing free, but quality, communication system with anyone across the world. Some of the other features offered by this utility are its messenger service and eGift option. The latest version of the software requires Intel Pentium 3 or higher processor. Once installed, the tool prompts for its regular updates as and when available.

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