SmadAV 2013

SmadAV 2013

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  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

SamdAd 2013 is an antivirus system that is made to design and protect your PC from harmful viruses and malware. This anti-virus is 100% compatible with preexisting antivirus on your PC. This anti-virus software works as an extra layer of security and protection for your PC along with your already installed anti-virus. The SmadAV 2013 antivirus is known to be one of the best USB based anti-virus. They provide total protection for USB drives and prevents any kind of viruses that spreads through the use of any USB stick or USB drives.

The SmadAv 2013 antivirus is also known to work well offline. There is no need to update the antivirus too often as it is designed to work with any PCs or computers that are not even connected to the computer or to the internet. Unlike any antivirus, SmadAV 2013 doesn’t need any regular updates. An update a month is probably all you need. SmadAV is able to secure your PC through fixing of registry problems within an infected machine and removing any kind of virus from the users’ PC. The software has cleaner and tools to perform a PC clean to remove any kind of virus.

The antivirus software is compatible to work with any kind of Windows operating systems including Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. This antivirus software is available for a free download via various websites on the internet. The newer version includes newer version of virus database 229 with an enhanced display. SmadAV 2013 has been ranked as the number 17 antivirus software of all the software in the market. The SmadAV Pro 2013 is available for purchase through their official website at Users can also download this software from trusted sites like the Check out their website for a full specification on what the antivirus has to offer you.

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