Temple Treasure for Windows

Temple Treasure for Windows

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  • License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

Join two brave adventurers in the journey of their life with Temple Treasure for Windows. Guide them through ruins, caves, dungeons and jungles full of dangers. Beware of the hidden traps and the natives that live on the island. They can trust nobody and only have each other. Make them coordinate, think and make plans before they action. It is important to know that there a lot of things that can hurt them and make you restart from the beginning. Keep your eyes wide open and search for possible ways to arrive at your target without getting hurt.

The game has 5 episodes, each of them with 20 puzzles. The environments in which they take place are different, as well as the conditions. The difficulty increases as you evolve and the story takes unexpected twists. Additional mini-games can be found at every corner as they may help you unlock maps, chests or just boost your score. The graphics are excellent with amazing animations and pictures accompanied by original sounds. It can keep you captivated for a long time, as you will want to enter more and more in the jungle and discover the greatest treasure. It is suitable for all ages as it makes you think and have patience in order to solve the mysteries. Install Xpadian on your computer to run this game.

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