• License : Free
  • Language : English
  • Version : 2013
  • OS: Windows

Viper, the anti-plagiarism scanner is a very useful tool, which is available over the internet. The basic job of this particular software is to check whether your content consists of any plagiarized material. Plagiarism is sure to be a very important issue in the academics- as no one wants to publish a plagiarized content. Viper, the anti-plagiarism scanner is a very efficient and powerful plagiarism checker, which can look upon to many different types of plagiarized writing materials. This tool is primarily designed for the use of students to prevent them from copying or shopping their term papers as well as essays.

Viper, the anti-plagiarism checker does the job of scanning your document pretty efficiently. This program offers three different modes of scanning the document such as scanning the document based on documents that are on your computer hard disk. With the basic search involvement on the web for any plagiarized material; you also get to scan the Viper database after uploading your document.

This tool apprehends both free and paid version searches. The different in between these two modes is that using a free version search, the tool itself will publish your document 9 months later to its database. This efficient plagiarism checker is supported on Windows XP, Vista and & other OS platform.

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